Elesgo Germany Wood Flooring

Elesgo Germany Wood Flooring

Price: 205,000 đ/m2 400,000 đ/m2
    Product code: MDS001
  • Origin: Germany
  • Size: W 730 X D 620 X H 410/680 MM
  • Thickness: 12.3 Mm
  • Material: Natural Wood
  • Manufacturer: Egger Group
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Status: In stock



Galamax wood flooring B502 is an industrial laminate floor made in China according to the German technology standard process. This kind of wood floor has red brick, natural and genuine texture. Located in the segment of universal wood flooring, many customers choose to install for houses, offices, shops, shops, ...

7 Outstanding advantages of galamax laminate flooring Although located in the segment of cheap laminate flooring, B502 Galvanized wood flooring is always the choice of many customers not only because of the price and the quality that it brings. for users:

Galamax B502 laminate flooring has a large plate and a thickness of 12mm: 810mm x 132mm x 12mm, with such standards it is easy to bear and install well in crowded places, often bearing.
Good anti-slip due to glossy surface but roughness helps firm footsteps do not fall.
Achieve AC4 standards for abrasion resistance, avoiding other external agents that affect wood flooring aesthetics.
HDF wood has definitely limited the warping, and increased bearing capacity, avoiding deformation.
Resistant to mildew, no vapor absorption on the surface.
Good water resistance but not with expensive wooden floors of Malaysia or Germany. Should a small note when using this wooden floor often installed dry place, avoid water, wipe with a towel to dry dry.
Smart lock attachment makes construction, repair and installation quick, accurate, cost and effort saving.
With 7 advantages of this galamax B502 wood flooring, you can fully use it for many different purposes while still ensuring the use time from 5 to 10 years in good condition. Why are Chinese wooden floors cheap? With the view of cheap Chinese goods and unsecured quality of many customers, I would like to share the reason why cheap Chinese wood flooring:

Where there are abundant sources of raw materials and cheap prices
Labor cost is cheaper
Cheaper shipping costs
Should cost to consumers better
The brand of perennial wood flooring in the Chinese market still won the trust and favor a lot of customers, in terms of quality and price.

I would like to note that when choosing a wooden floor, you should ask a counselor about the brand, origin, origin, ... to choose it to suit your purpose. With cheap price and good quality, galamax laminate flooring is the first priority choice for families with limited budget and still wishes for a luxurious and different space.

If you need more information about high quality wood flooring and cheap wooden floor, contact immediately DRYING ROOF FLOOR for advice on pros and cons of floor types, as well as origin and origin ...

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